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10 tips for dealing with back pain

June 26th, 2016

Back pain can be such a nuisance and they can even prevent us  performing simple tasks and such as taking a shower or dressing up.

If you have suffered from back pain in the past or right now you read the article with your back taken. You came to the right place!

Note: In the case of chronic pain or unusual, we recommend you use Chinese medicine treatment in our clinic. The following tips relate only minor back pain.

1. Sleep on a firm surface – the reason we wake up with back pain related course during sleep our body position. If you sleep on a mattress is too soft, it can be the cause of back pain with you arose from the morning.

2. The next tip is designed for those women with high heels swing the extent that their comfort is inversely proportional to their price. Wear comfortable shoes – Yes, we all stand requires but should, whenever there is, replace the more comfortable shoes.

3. Buy yourself the best and most highest quality shoes for yourself – Don’t save money on this one! It may prevent back issues, and other health issues at an older age. Worth every penny!

4. Before long drive – to adjust the backrest – backrest can prevent back pain, provided it is directed at you comfortably can. Spent several minutes before travel and adjust it.

5. Try exercise bikes – Exercise machines are by far the most underrated fitness device on the market (Here you can read about spinning bikes) and they have great effect on your back – they literally eliminate back pain!

6. When sitting before computer – occasionally get up and stretch.

7. When heavy lifting – bend your back and knees.

8. move his toes as much as possible – for example, after the working day is recommended to take off our shoes and move your fingers for a few minutes.

9. In case your back hurts or busy – completely avoid any effort it!

10. assume the painful area of ​​ice in a plastic bag, wrapped in cloth, 3-4 times a day.

11. run a vacuum cleaner on the painful area for a few minutes.



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Learning about Health

Everything you need to know about living a healthy lifestyle