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Can we stop aging?

October 21st, 2015


Cancer, diabetes and degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s there is a common denominator: they are now the main natural causes of death, due to the jump in life expectancy that. “Why find a cure for the chronic diseases that characterize the rising life expectancy, instead of treating the cause of death, which is old age?” He asked in March 2012 known genetics researcher Professor Nir Barzilai, a guest lecture at Rambam Hospital, when he returned to where he studied medicine, from his current New York.

The Book “Lazarus Long Ben 213″, which deals with medicine of the future on the basis of research present in Israel, poses a clear distinction between those medical professionals and researchers living example accepted that aging is inevitable, and that the changes that have already occurred in life expectancy in the Western world came extracts, and researchers, there is no dispute about their expertise, but they think differently.The book explain also how the prescription may enable people to grow taller even if they passed puberty.
this may not be a dramatic change, but it can add up a few centimeters.

For example, Prof. Moussa know, one of the greatest in neuro-pharmacology, who studies the diseases that cause degeneration of neurons, and who invented the Simmons drug  Technion treatment of Parkinson’s patients. Today he is trying to treat degenerative diseases typical of aging and not just their symptoms. Prof. know explains these diseases were not here when life expectancy was low, and is comparing the solution of these diseases found the fundamental solution of aging itself – is also characterized by a consistent loss of neurons. Prof. Doron Melamed, an internationally renowned expert in research related to the immune system, also at the Technion Medical School, is quoted in the book: “The concept that exists in biology is that you can not stop aging, but innovative vision is not irreversible aging”.

Moreover, members of the anachronistic approach, as the prevailing view of the general public, even expanding the scope and wonder why all the bother and keep alive old people because “what matters is the quality of life and longevity.” However, this claim suggests primarily the lack of understanding, and the reality differently than the old-fashioned approaches:

In recent years, researchers are surprised every time when they are able to, for example, to extend the life of laboratory mice during gene therapy, then it turns out they have not only the study subjects live longer but also healthier. However, anyone who studies the field know that one of the characteristics of the population of people over the age of 100, is they rarely were sick during their lifetime. Prof. Nir Barzilai also showed that for the long-lived even as risk factors for obesity and smoking did not prevent the crossing of a hundred.

There is, therefore, internalize argued next, is firmly anchored in research: medical expenses that apply to anyone over the age of 100 in the “fragile” his, that is aging palliative care, lower expenses acceptable to people dying at age 80, and the period in which a man who lived to be 100 was sick short to 20 percent, from disease of the people who lived to be eighty.

Approach assumes that a man with more years is expected to more years of suffering health is outdated and misleading. This story illustrates the books of Eos, goddess of the dawn in Greek mythology. These falls in love with mythological story Btitonos, prince of Troy, and her husband get Llachlolotihm father of the gods Zeus gift – eternal life. The result of this story was that her husband soon became senile elderly terminally ill – but no end. These had to make it an insect, and step on it and save it out of his misery. This is the essence of the traditional approach to life extension opponents, while recent research shows that the winner very long life, necessarily healthier during his lifetime.

Who tends to further characterize the new elders under the age cut old-age pension recipients of Social Security, will get old soon active for about half of their lives, with almost no decline in mental and physiological. This is the reason that along with the geriatric specialist doctor from the hospital “Carmel”, Dr. Gary Branches, we presented the books of the “measure Branches aging”: a series of questions first of its kind in the world, which constitutes an individual to one question: Does a person in a given situation is “old”, without regardless of age.
By mid-century science reaches inconceivable heights in terms of the present. Medicine, with the help of biotechnology, delete the majority of chronic diseases, and other physical defects we will maintain for decades. Bioinformatics will complete the target achievement by which computing will join medicine, and would create a direct link between your depths of the mind – and out.

Therefore, we should start to translate the following rule, accompany us in life expectancy and defined Mega supermarket of life “: There is a decades old age. Old age is his old age of the person, the short life of only a few years, just at the time when he ceases to be an active person, and becomes “sick fragile” with an inevitable end.

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Learning about Health

Everything you need to know about living a healthy lifestyle