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What are the best ways to deal with hair loss?

October 7th, 2016


Hair Loss? Your problem as well? You can’t make your hair as you like because you are afraid that you’ll lose the remaining ones’ too? Or is that the “bald” touch that is making you worry about hair loss? In either case, don’t worry. We are gonna take you through a list of possible solutions that will help you in reducing the excessive loss of your hair.

1. Use Anti-Hair fall Shampoos:The use of anti-hair fall shampoos such as Nioxin can be one of the ways to reduce your hair loss. It is one of the easiest ways to experiment, if your hair loss is reduced through regular usage of such shampoos, you have nailed it. The anti-hair fall shampoos contain chemicals and nutrients that can strengthen the roots of your hair, resulting in lesser loss of hair.

2. Balanced Diet:It has been a proven fact that the lack of essential nutrients from the body affects your body in many different ways. Hair loss is one of the ways of the body to show lacking nutrients. Try to take a balanced diet and have qzz in your life, with a special focus on protein to ensure that you provide your hair with necessary food to keep them on your head.

3. Hormonal Check-up:In some cases, the excessive loss of hair indicates the imbalance in hormone level. If you are facing the hair loss from some time, you must visit your doctor and discuss the hair loss with reference to the hormonal changes that you might be suffering from. Taking a proper treatment prescribed by the doctor can help in the reduction of hair loss.

4. Stop Deliberate Damage:With the presence of, rollers, straighteners, and other such machinery, we damage our hair to such a level that the strands in the hair get weak and easily breakable. Thus, resulting in hair loss. If you love your hair, you must stop straightening or rolling up your hair now and then.

5. Application of Home Remedies:Home Remedies are the natural ways to cure the losing hair but yes, using them is really tedious and in some cases a pungent smell might await you for several years. However, the results of these remedies are nearly 100% and you can really count on them for guaranteed results.One such home remedy is the use of egg mixed with some yogurt. Using this treatment twice a week for a month will provide your hair with necessary nutrients to stop hair loss. You can also use onion juice to see better results.

6. Massage:Giving your hair regular oil massages can help increasing the flow of blood to your scalp. An increase in blood flow can increase the growth of hair. It can also cause the strengthening of the existing hair strands. Thus, resulting in reduction of hair loss

Hair is surely one of major aspects that define your personal appearance. You would not like to loose your loving hair just because of ignorance. So, you must understand the reason for hair loss and then choose amongst one of these solutions to get rid of hair loss permanently, depending on what suits your body the best.

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Learning about Health

Everything you need to know about living a healthy lifestyle